Me and Dzangel

Me and Dzangel
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Monday, February 20, 2017

2017! Deja vu all over again!! Wait, maybe not!

Wow! It has been a really long hiatus since my last rambling. As usual, I'll try to keep this short and to the point, but you never know when a shiny object will appear and divert my attention. 😀
2016 certainly didn't pan out as I had expected. In the beginning I had big plans. More ultra trail runs. I would learn from my previous efforts and put that to good use. I was hoping to move up a notch in Marathon Maniacs. In my mind I was ready to put my head down and push through and get some good results. Well.......that didn't happen. If you follow along you know the only ultra result I had was a Did Not Start. Running pretty much went downhill from there. On a positive note, I had a great year on the bike(s). More miles than I've had in years. Good miles. Fun miles. Solo miles. Group miles. Road miles. Trail miles. A few races with mixed results. But towards the end of the year even that was starting to hurt.
So it's back to those damned aching hips. I've tried therapy, exercise, cortisone and steroid shots. More x-rays and even a couple MRIs. And the result is-drum roll please- We interrupt your reading of this for an important update- not what I had originally planned on writing about here. I originally started this entry a couple of weeks ago. After the MRI and a discussion with the surgeon, surgery to reshape my right hip and repair a torn labrum was the plan. I was ready to write this summer off to rest, rehabilitation and getting healthy again. 
While I was at the doctors office discussing my options I mentioned another little issue that had been bothering me for "a while". I had a bit of a bulge in my right groin area. It wasn't always there. I could push on it and it would disappear. At the beginning it would be a non-issue for weeks. No pain. Not really a bother at all. Then it started becoming a more frequent issue. It really seemed to affect my running. It wasn't much of an issue on the bike, but I usually knew it was there. Towards the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 it was becoming more....bothersome, shall we say. A couple more appointments and I was the proud father of a inguinal hernia. What next?? Really??
The orthopedist I was seeing wanted this taken care of before dealing with my hip.
So I'm sitting on the couch with my laptop and an ice pack writing this while recovering from surgery to repair the previously mentioned hernia.  I had surgery on February 17. According to the doctor it went well. I had mesh implanted to repair the hernia. I was up and walking the same afternoon. Sore, but moving. I've managed a good walk the three days since surgery. I would like to add that they were walks on February days with sunshine and temperatures nearing 60°F. I know I couldn't run or ride, but c'mon Mother Nature, really!? I've tried to be a good patient and listen to Tammy and the rest of my family as they threaten me with even greater bodily harm if I do anything stupid. I'd be interested to know what exactly that defines. In all seriousness, I am being smart and careful. I have a follow up appointment on February 28 and I'll see what I get cleared for then. Even after that I will take it slow. I'm hoping that this might even delay my hip surgery. Maybe the hernia was pushing on enough things in there that it added to the problem. Maybe even changing my running motion. I'd like to heal up and see how things feel. The orthopedist said that this isn't exactly life threatening. I guess it will come down to how much pain I'm in once I get rid of this pain. 
So, it will be a bit of rest and rehab for me yet, but not quite what I was imagining. I may yet have a decent year. I know the hip issue won't go away, and even surgery won't eliminate everything due to the fact that there is some degeneration in the joint. I am going to take this day to day and not get my hopes up but I'm crossing my fingers. I'll know more in a week. Hopefully it's good news. 
As usual, thanks for reading. I hope it isn't too boring. And if you've dealt with these issues I'd like to have some feedback!!

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Lara said...

Darn Straight! I'll pack the girls in the minivan, pick up Cici and X and be over to provide back up when needed. The Boss knows that. :D . Anyhow, it will get better from here. 2017 started out crappy for lots of us. Nowhere to go but up! Hang in there Dad!