Me and Dzangel

Me and Dzangel
RMC 5K 2007

Friday, August 23, 2013

Every little bit helps

Being on vacation this last week has given me extra time to think and reflect. Not always a good thing, considering how my crazy, mixed up mind works. Anyhoo.......I was thinking how lucky I am to have support. A lot, okay most of what I do (or try to do) is made so much easier with the support of my wife, Tammy. She will never admit it, but she gives up huge amounts of her time so I can run, bike, ski, ....or whatever strikes my fancy. And I fully appreciate it! She pushes me some days, tells me to suck it up and get out there. She rides along on her bike on long runs to keep me company and supply me with water and food. She is there at the start, in between and at the finish of my races. Rain, shine, snow, whatever Mother Nature dishes out. Patiently waiting, sometimes for hours! She volunteers at races and cheers on the other competitors. I think you get the picture. And this truly makes what I love to do so much easier. I rarely feel guilty putting in hours and hours a week. We still have "our time". The last thing she did really blew me away and made me realize how lucky I am and how much she does.

Dear Hoka One One Gods,
I'm writing on behalf of my husband.  He recently discovered your shoes.  The first pair was The Hoka One One Stinsons which he absolutely fell in love with.  He used them to run
Dances with Dir'ts 50K and actually took a 3rd in his age division.  That was a BIG jump from the 50K before (of course he wasn't wearing the Hoka's then!) LOL
 The second pair is the Hoka One One Bondi B, which again he absolutely loves!  These are fairly new so he hasn't had a chance to race in them yet.
 He is running the North Face Endurance 50K in Sept.  I'm not sure which shoe he will be using (of course it will be one of the Hoka's)  I don't think he will run in anything else now!
 I'm not writing to request anything free.  But I would really like to know how I could get him a Hoka t-shirt?  I've seen other racers with your shirt on and would love to surprise him
before his next race.
 Lastly...I'm sure the other races I saw with your advertising on their shirts are your sponsored runners.  What would he (Hubs) have to do to get your attention.  I think he would love 
to be a Hoka guy!  This year he is running 50k's, next year 50 milers and then...who knows!!! Even if you can't help me out...just know that your shoes are loved 
Thanks Much
Tammy VandeZande

Pretty nice! I really didn't expect much of a response. Maybe a form letter type reply. She received a personal reply from Eric Emerson of Hoka almost immediately. I was surprised when a week or so later a box arrived in the mail. Inside was a shirt for both of us and two pair of technical socks. To say the least, her support and Hoka's is greatly appreciated. 
I also received some great support from The NorthFace. I received an e-mail a couple months ago inquiring if I was doing the NorthFace Endurance Challenge Series race in Madison, WI. It was on my radar, but I hadn't committed yet. Dani Chandler of The NorthFace presented me with the opportunity of running my choice of distance and covering my entry fee! Sweet! Almost like being a sponsored runner!! What amazing support of just a normal, everyday, middle of the pack ultra runner! And again, the support is greatly appreciated. Want to run with me? There is still time. Use DVZ13 (case sensitive) for an entry discount. #ECSWisconsin
So that is why what I do is so easy. A little support goes a long way and makes the miles and hours fly by!
Thanks to all who support me, believe in me and push me to places I never believed I could go!!
And thanks to all of you (both of you) who read this!!