Me and Dzangel

Me and Dzangel
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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Crossing my fingers and pondering

It's been a couple months so apparently it's time for an update. Whether you want one or not! I've been putting this off until I had some solid information. I do enough babbling without a topic.
I've been done with my latest course of medication for babesia for approximately one month. I definitely feel better. I've got some energy back. I don't ache quite as much. I suppose you could say I'm hopefully optimistic. I didn't have another blood draw to confirm this so I am just going on my gut feelings. My primary care physician felt another blood test wasn't warranted due to my feeling better. I'm good with that since I was beginning to feel like a human pincushion. If I start feeling "bleh" again, I'll get poked.
On to other issues. Man, getting older really isn't what I imagined.
I went back to the doctor to finally, hopefully get my back/hip issues resolved. After exhausting all other options I finally had an MRI a couple weeks ago. That test lead to an appointment with an orthopedic specialist. I got lucky again. The doctor I saw is a runner. It helps having a physician who can appreciate and understand my concerns and questions.
After a few more x-rays it appears my I have a pretty nice case of arthritis and wear and tear of my hips. Hmmm..... I wonder how this could occur? So now I'm on an NSAID for a month, to see if that will help. I've headed back to the gym to work on some strength and conditioning. That is my own prescription. It can't hurt, right? Surgery to reshape my hip bones was discussed but I really don't like the sound of that. I'm leaning towards a more diverse training plan. And listening to my body more closely. Maybe even-GASP- taking a rest day here and there. But don't count me out just yet. I have some grand plans for 2016. I'll be turning the big 55. That means a new age group and new goals. But, I will be smarter and wiser. That comes with age, right?
I'm remaining optimistic. Yeah, I know. If you really know me you know how funny that statement is. But it's true. One way or another I am going to figure out a plan and come back as strong, or stronger that ever. Just watch and see. Again, if you really know me, it's going to take a lot more that this to keep me down!
Thanks for reading and following along. It is much appreciated!
Medical disclaimer (does that sound legal and official?). Not my hip x-ray. But that is what a normal hip should look like.