Me and Dzangel

Me and Dzangel
RMC 5K 2007

Monday, April 28, 2014

It's taper time again

It's a day off, sorta. 11pm-7am today. In my weird little world, I count that as a day off. Time to prattle on.
It's taper time, again. My first 50K of the year is on May 10. Today is supposed to be a rest day. And already I'm itchy to go out and put in some miles. Just a few. Honest. I'll do my best to relax and lie low. My training has been going really well. At least that's my biased, uneducated opinion. Although I don't have the miles behind me that I did at this time last year, the miles do seem easier. Effort seems easier. Pace is a bit quicker. I also don't have the long miles like last spring either. But, I was planning a spring 50 miler versus a 50K. I'm confident I can finish this one, and hopefully finish strong. I'm even entertaining a PR in the back of my mind. But that is not my number one goal. I want to finish and feel good as I cross the line. Anything else is just a bonus. Too many variables come in to play. Weather, a few little niggles I'm having. nutrition and hydration.
 I am feeling strong. I believe the miles I put in last year along with one marathon, three 50K and one 50 mile are starting to pay off. Hmmm, must be that specificity of training I keep trying to push. Run, and you might get the hang of running. I haven't had any really horrid outings this year. Even bad days are just kind of so-so. Hopefully this will lead to a strong year and some good results. If my work schedule cooperates, I am planning on an ambitious race schedule this year. I have some scores to settle with Dances With Dirt-Devil's Lake and North Face ECS Wisconsin!
The little pause I took seems to have jump started my running. I had a strong trail race at Iola on April 12. I worked 11-7 the night before. So, not much sleep the day before. Maybe a few hours Friday morning. 39°F and rain during the run. On muddy trails with patches of snow still hanging on for dear life! I felt good, paced myself well and finished strong. I even put on a bit of a kick through the last single track through icy, ankle deep water.
All in all, I'm as ready as I can be for this 50K. A few days of "graveyard shift" and then vacation. Easy miles and relaxing as much as I can. I may sneak in a 5K and/or a WORS mtn. bike race the weekend before the 50K. We'll see.