Me and Dzangel

Me and Dzangel
RMC 5K 2007

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wishing for snow-sorta!

Well, it has been a few weeks and it's time to check in. I'm just wrapping up week 7 of my 50 miler training. Week 6 was one of my best weeks since ???? Admittedly being on vacation helped! I ended up with just over 62 miles, one day on snowshoes, and a day at the gym. To bad work always has to interfere! Week 7 is going just as well. I ran a 20 miler on January 11 in the mist, fog and somewhat unseasonable (40°F) temps. This is my longest run since my 50K in May of 2012. These last two weeks have me feeling just a wee bit more confident about my 50 miler. I have been playing around with my walk/run plan on my long runs. I'm not foolish enough to think I can RUN 50 miles with out some walk breaks! So far I've tried 25/5 and 15/5. Maybe something in between for the next long run. I've also been very cognizant of my pace while running. I've been trying a different type of training after reading "Metabolic Efficiency Training: Teaching The Body To Burn More Fat" by Bob Seebohar. Basically, it calls for easier paces and teaching your body to burn more fat instead of carbohydrates. To do that, you slow your pace and/or effort. Plus you don't consume as many carbs. Ideally, I'd head off to a sports testing lab at a college or hospital and have my metabolic efficiency tested. Being to cheap, not having the time and finding a location to have it done, I'm counting on 35+ years of experience, for what that's worth! I've been trying to stay around 9:30-10:00 per mile, especially on longer runs.This isn't to say I'm totally neglecting speed. I've hit the treadmill for some intervals, just to remind the legs that they can go fast, if they have to! All in all, I think my training is going well. Time will tell!
So just what does this have to do with wishing for snow-sorta. Well, in the middle of all this ultra training, I'm planning on doing the Birke. That means some cross country skiing. How's that going. Not so good! We had some pretty decent snow here the beginning of January. Between work, holiday hoo-hah and trying to keep to a running plan, I've been out once! And it wasn't pretty. I felt slow, awkward and generally uncoordinated. Now we've had a mid-January thaw, with temps in the 40's and some rain. Bye bye snow! I'm fairly confident I'll have an endurance base that will allow me to complete the Birkie, without much more skiing. I managed a sub 4 hour Birkie - barely- in 2012, with only 3 days on snow and about 35 miles. Will it be pretty? Nope! But it isn't goal number one this year.
That's how my new year is going. I hope everyone else has started of 2013 with a bang and has big plans and lofty goals for the the coming months. I'll be back shortly to update you.
Thanks for checking this out. Feedback is always appreciated!
Sven 'o the North