Me and Dzangel

Me and Dzangel
RMC 5K 2007

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Training schedules and plans

Well, it's been a couple weeks and it's time for an entry.
I've been reading various books, websites and articles trying to plan a firm training plan for 2011. With my goofy shift work schedule this could be interesting. As always, flexibility is the key in any plan, especially for me.
This time I have actually put a plan on paper and am putting workouts on a calendar. It's still early and I'm essentially going through a transition period but it looks good so far! I am using information from Joel Friel's The Mountain Bikers Training Bible, Weight Training For Cyclist by Ken Doyle and Eric Schmitz and various other running and cycling books. I used the two cycling books as I've decided to focus on cycling, and specifically mountain biking, next year. I have some other goals planned but this will be my main focus.
I've always been a self coached athlete, and I use the term athlete very loosely! I have used online plans and schedules, some with very good success. I have a pile of books, magazines and favorite websites. I throw this all into a mix and apply it as best I can to what I think will work for me. Sometimes it works-I had a great first half marathon using this method. Sometimes it doesn't work well-last year at the Birkie! I guess I am just to cheap to hire a coach-online or other. Plus, with my crazy shift work schedule, I'm not sure they could do much better than I have. If anyone is reading this, do you think you can do better than I have? I'm open to suggestions or takers!!
So what is different this time? I am planning much earlier than I ever have. I have goals set and races picked that I want to peak for. I actually have a hard copy written down and starting next week-November 29th-I have a workouts planned on a calendar. Will it work? Who knows? But I am going to try my damnedest!! As I've stated before, I have big goals for 2011 and I want to do my best.
I will go over my lofty goals next time. I am in the process of scheduling my vacations for next year, which will somewhat impact my goals. I am looking forward to some comments about my goals. To lofty? Insane? Make up your mind-run, bike, ski?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Season recap

It's been a couple weeks since the last race and a few days since the 2010 WORS awards banquet. I've had some time to think about my bike racing season and all in all I'm pretty satisfied. The season started on May 2nd and wound all the way to October 10th. I did eight races in five months. This doesn't include a second day at Mt. Morris, Chequamegon and some running races just to mix things up. In those eight races I finished fourth three times, fifth twice, sixth once and eighth twice. Although the fields weren't always big they were competitive. There were some races where the top eight were less than two minutes apart.
I learned a lot racing singlespeed this year. I learned to be patient. I learned that momentum is my friend. It didn't pay to ride right up on someones rear tire just to have to lock up the brakes. It's better off to keep a steady pace going, especially in single track, when you only have one gear. I learned to spin a high cadence on some of the long roll outs and to push up the hills. I also came to the conclusion that sometimes, simple is better. Some of my times this year were faster than last year on a geared bike.
I was happy with my gear choices for the races. I tried to keep this simple also. I only had a couple of choices for rear cogs-a 16 or 17 tooth. At Mt. Morris I wish I had an 18 tooth but I made what I had work. It is just a matter of figuring out the course and then deciding whether to push a bigger gear or have a smaller gear for the climbs. There weren't too many courses that had me off the bike and pushing it up hills.
I think my training went well most of the year. I tried to build up my endurance so I wouldn't fade at the end of the races. They may not be long races but they are intense-and I'm getting older! Although I didn't get as much quality off road training as I would like I made what I did get count, usually in the form of the race pre-ride. I spent plenty of time on the road, a lot of it being bike commuting.
All in all I would have to call this a successful season. I had fun, usually kept the rubber side down and best of all, I got to enjoy watching Tammy, my wife, enjoy her first season of racing. I can't wait for next May and the first race of WORS 2011.
I'll post on my goals and plans for next year soon. Thanks for checking this out.......