Me and Dzangel

Me and Dzangel
RMC 5K 2007

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Long time no update

Oh man, a chance to score a new Stumpjumper. Does it get any better? Not from my standpoint. Why do I think I deserve one? Let me give you me perspective.
It's been a crazy and busy summer, but I'm sure everyones summer has been like that.
I'm getting ready to head up north for the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival on the 19th. I am doing the Short and Fat this year. It's a 16 mile point to point race. It starts in Cable and ends up at Telemark Lodge. I am doing it this year with my brother-in-law and my niece. It's her first race. She has watched her Dad and myself race for years and I would like to think we have inspired and given her the itch to get out and test herself. They'll be racing together and enjoying the course and just generally having a blast. I was fortunate enough to draw a preferred start this year so I am going to push and see just how much I have in me. Next year I am hoping to get an entry to the 40 mile race and it would be great to do it on my shiny Stumpjumper. Although by this time next summer it might not be that shiny. It would get plenty of saddle time.
To make the weekend even better, my wife, Tammy is going to bring her bike. She won't be racing but hopefully we can find a few hours during the weekend to get out and check out some of the trails. This is her first year riding a bike off road and she loves it. It's been fun to watch her improve every time we hit the dirt. She really loves the single track. It makes me proud to see her out there.
I've been trying to ride as much as I can. My job, shift work in a paper mill, doesn't always allow the riding time I want. One day off per week, maybe. At one point this summer it was 19 days straight. That makes my riding time precious. The chance to do it on a new Stumpie would make those special days even more amazing.
I race in the Wisconsin Off Road Series when my schedule allows. This is the biggest citizens racing series in the country. So far this summer I have toed the line half a dozen time. Hopefully I will get in one or two more, but I do have enough for a overall ranking. Wouldn't that be great exposure.
We have some great trails in central Wisconsin and they are maintained by some amazing volunteers. I haven't had the chance to get out and put in any hard work but I plan on making time for that next summer. More chance to sing the praise of one great bike. Hopefully work won't be that crazy. It can't last forever.
I ride with a small group of guys during the summer. Testing everyones mettle and talking about bikes. There is always interest in what someone else is riding and I would love to brag up my S-Works Stumpjumper.
I even get asked for advice at work once in a while. I like to talk it up and let people know about my rides and bikes. Some of the guys think I'm a little fanatic and nuts, but I love riding. I have a 40 mile commute. Depending on the shift I work, I drive part of the way, park at a church-should be safe-and hop on my Allez Elite and pedal the rest of the way. It makes for some interesting rides at 5:00 a.m. or midnight.
So, what do you think? Am I worthy? I love to tweet, update my Facebook and try to update my blog. That last one needs a little work, but I can do it. I feel that with my crazy schedule a new Stumpjumper would help me ride better, get me out the door more often. Not much more I can say.